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22nd Mar

20 and Counting…

We are now giving praise to God for Kathleen’s work in full-time…ADD YOUR comments…

20th Mar
Jerusalem, Israel

Flashback: Love – the Calling; Music – the Avenue

To highlight the last 20 years, we give you our first “Flashback.” Here is Kathleen’s poem written a few years ago: “Love – the calling: Music – the avenue”
…”I still remember the names and faces…”

13th Mar
at your feet

New Distribution

Just as we celebrate Kathleen’s 20 year mark of ministry, her contemporary worship song “AT YOUR FEET” and the entire…

14th Nov
IMG_1364 bw

That Song & Why I Do Not Compete

“I’m glad you sang that song because…” Those are the amazing…

08th Sep

Gifts and Community

Somewhere along the line we must choose to mature…

14th Aug
Follow Jesus!

Something that is Better than Chocolate

This issue about forgiveness requires something.

14th Feb
Music by Kathleen Fowle

Happy and Blessed

Valentine’s Day is special to me because it illustrates a strong meaning of God’s love.  If you study the history of the day,  you will find details of lives that were martyred for their faith.  They said yes to God.  Their names were all the same, “Valentine” and their deaths happened on the same day. […]

20th Dec

Time Out at Advent

At this Advent season I hope you will be purposeful in taking time out for prayerful reflection.  Although I did not set out for the purpose of creating a ‘Christmas album’  my latest Coming Home easily relates to the subject matter. Among others,  So In Awe, a reflection of Mary’s Magnificat, was written while I […]